Our goal is to teach young men and women the basics of programming and effective communication skills. She aspires to be one of the influential community initiatives in the world of programming, and seeks to reduce the gap between male and female in the field of programming.

Even after attaining digital skills, youths find it difficult to stay updated about technological trends in which they can apply their skills since most available resources are online and in English.

Launching ChangeMakers Blog for Tech-Geeks came as a no brainer. ChangeMakers Blog for Tech-Geeks aims to enrich the arabic digital content with articles focusing on various technological trends in a simple language and direct manner.

The blog is available for free online where neither subscriptions or premium accounts are required to access published articles.

Additionally, we believe that strong and interesting contents are built in collaboration with a variety of minds so we encourage external contributions. Girls are especially encouraged to write their own articles focusing on topics they find relevant.

Creating a community of individuals who are thirsty for knowledge sharing in the technological domain and encouraging others to learn more is what we aspire to achieve in our activities.