It's time for everyone to share their innovative ideas and highlight the most interesting technology-based trends.

At ChangeMakers, we are moving towards our values to achieve quality work collaboratively. Therefore, we believe that working without collaborative efforts of young people and their special implications for the world of technology, innovation and digital entrepreneurship will not be able to enrich Arab digital content.
Today, given the new remote working methods, hard times and only long hours, we will use the capabilities of young people to contribute to our blog by sending their blogs to post on our blog.

The project aims to encourage young people to find the latest trends, write their own abstracts and share their own reflections with the world. We are sure such an experiment will improve young analytical thinking by trying to present their own ideas.

Moreover, the initiative is designed to help young people create their own digital identity through which they can offer their passion in the technology industry.

We welcome everyone with good writing skills in Arabic to contribute to blogs, regardless of their national or social status or current country of residence. We want and would love to invite the largest number of Arab youth to ensure the diversity of ideas. Each article should not exceed 700 words and will be reviewed by our team prior to publication.
Hurry up to join our blog: