1st Innovation and Coding Bootcamp

October 2016

ChangeMakers organized the first Innovation and Coding Bootcamp in October 2016, bringing together 19 individuals, of whom 9 were girls, over a period of three months. The 19 participants attended one session every week to learn coding and develop their communication skills and refine their personality. At the end of the program, families and friends of the 19 young ChangeMakers came together to celebrate ideas worth spreading shared by the outstanding participants.

The Programming Event on International Women's Day

March 2017

ChangeMakers organized the first training camp aimed primarily at enhancing the role of women in science and technology, as well as reducing the gap between males and females in the same field. The event, organized by the Syrian Computer Society (SCS) in Damascus, brought together the male and female participants in front of a challenge, represented by the programming of a website highlighting the essence of its work by broadcasting short messages and inspirational tips that discussed complex humanitarian issues such as early marriage, gender-based violence, health, and others

2nd Innovation and Coding Bootcamp

August 2017

Sixteen trainees joined the Second Innovation and Coding Bootcamp, 56% of whom were girls. The program included a combination of technical programing skill curriculum and life-coaching component.

Hackathon 1

October 2017 - Visit hackathon site

ChangeMakers organized the first programming hackathon in October 2017, bringing together 20 individuals, 45% of whom were girls during 48 hours of uninterrupted time. They were divided into 10 groups and each group had to present a project serves the SDGs by the help of their trainers. LiBeiroot was a participant in this hackathon and 2 projects were developed (Customer Satisfaction Assessment, Drivers management system). In the end, there were 4 winners!!.

3rd Innovation and Coding Bootcamp:

November 2017

In the third Innovation and Coding Bootcamp, 16 trainees participated, only 6 girls joined. The program lasted for 15 sessions and followed the same structure of the previous 2 bootcamps where it included a programing and life-coaching component. However, ChangeMakers’ core team wanted to test the willingness of the young people to digest entrepreneurship. So the bootcamp integrated basic entrepreneurial skills, along with the main theme "programming".

Hackathon 2

December 2017

ChangeMakers organized the second programming hackathon in December 2017, bringing together 13 individuals, only 3 girls joined during 48 hours of uninterrupted time. They were divided into groups to develop a blog (Database, Dashboard, Home page, interactive section) by the help of their trainers. They were judged on teamwork, clean code, and reliability.


December 2017

ChangeMakers organized this meetup to bring together the male and female participants from first and second year university student who are studying Computer Science. The event aimed to introduce the various specializations in Computer Science such as Artificial Intelligence, Mobile Development, Web Development, System Administration, and Data Science.


December 2017

ChangeMakers organized this meetup to bring together the male and female participants from first and second year university student who are studying Computer Science and ChangeMakers alumni. The participant were divided into groups where each group should analysis the algorithm of some pioneer application in different fields in Computer Science. In the end of the event, the groups discussed their researches.

Our Projects



The program will guide young people into finding their passion, help them discover more about themselves, and increase their confidence through innovative brainstorming techniques and group discussions.

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Computer Science

The program aims to equip young people with the essential skills of programming and logical thinking, and teach them how to build web applications.

What they say about us


Massimo Diana
UNFPA Representative in Syria
”UNFPA's utmost aim is to empower young people, especially girls, to be global Change-Makers and peace-builders.”
Amr Kahaleh
Apple: Software Engineer - Mobile Devices Product Integrity
LiBeiroot: Co-founder - Head of Development, Design, and Marketing
”If you look at most teams, you find men engineers and women designers - and they often come up with cool things. But the real magic happens when it's a team of #GirlsWhoCode.”
Duha Al-Jubbeh
Ex-ChangeMaker | Freshwoman Computer Science student
”ChangeMakers was the first step into a more beautiful world, where I was finally able to determine my future. ChangeMakers will always be the most challenging yet amusing experience I would ever have.”
Aboudi Al-Qattan
Founder @ Al-Tareeq, Investment Analyst @ DASH Ventures
”The fact that we're still fighting for Gender Equality in 2017 is shameful and unjust. Any organization, like ChangeMakers, that empowers young women to be leaders is an organization that I will get wholeheartedly behind.”


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