August 2017

Sixteen trainees joined the Second Innovation and Coding Bootcamp, 56% of whom were girls. The program included a combination of technical programing skill curriculum and life-coaching component.

Ahmad Al-Shhadat
Ahmad Murad
Alaa Abbas
Andrew M. Estphan
Duha Aljubbeh
Firas Al
Genwa Hassan
Juman Dukmak
Mhd Nazeer Al-Sakka
Mohammed Abdullah
Nour Saqa
Omar Al Merstany
Rahaf K Jamea
Sara Joja
Hania Alkassabin
Ramallah Alsalem

November 2017

In the third Innovation and Coding Bootcamp, 16 trainees participated, only 6 girls joined. The program lasted for 15 sessions and followed the same structure of the previous 2 bootcamps where it included a programing and life-coaching component. However, ChangeMakers’ core team wanted to test the willingness of the young people to digest entrepreneurship. So the bootcamp integrated basic entrepreneurial skills, along with the main theme "programming".

Adnan Tenawe
Aya Nuiema
Belal Awene
Hussam Kbakibo
Ibraheem Hazzaa
Jaafar Al Jouini
Loulia Rejouleh
Majed Aborshed
Maria Ahmad
Mhd Yasser AL-Burghli
Moumen Zakaria
Odai Shb
Omar Abbas
Pamela Oussi
Rahaf Abu Alzahab
Wallaa Jbily

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