Murhaf Shaker | Technical Member

An advocate for all that ChangeMakers stands for, Murhaf enjoys putting the plans into effect to achieve that vision. He works within the development division, developing and engineering systems and solutions for the initiative.

Murhaf is a software engineering student in Yarmouk Private University, possessing a great passion for his field and programming in general, he continuously aims to empower his skills and knowledge by learning and exploring new things and staying up-to-date with the latest advancements of technology. Collected, tenacious and a proficient problem-solver, he works well under pressure, aiming to never miss a deadline and deliver as expected, leaving no place disappointments to follow. In his spare time, Murhaf likes to play various video games with friends. He also has a passion for writing and lore, writing short stories of his imagination and reading in-depth lore about stories, should it be from movies, games or historic events.