Hala Kassab | Technical Member

Hala is a technical team member at changemakers. Her role is defined by taking up diverse tasks to help accomplish the team’s overall goals and plans.

She is currently an informatics engineering student who specializes in artificial intelligence. What initiated the spark for her love of this major and her desire to pursue a career as an informatics engineer is chiefly her admiration of technology. Because in Hala’s words, Technology, especially when used correctly, can help solve the major problems the world is suffering from today as it can be effortlessly and efficiently integrated into any field. Moving away from her computer’s screen, Hala has always advocated for the importance and value of education and how vital it is to have gender and ethnic equality and equity regarding all aspects of life, but especially in education. Moreover, she insists that educational equity is a key that would aid in evolving and developing a better culturally diverse world. Hala’s love for different cultures comes from her immense fondness of reading. With her humble book collection, she has read about many different cultures and civilizations that have broadened her scope of knowledge.