Ali Alaa Eddin | Technical Member

Ali works in the development division of ChangeMakers, helping develop and engineer platforms that assist in empowering youth and women. Alongside it, Ali often finds himself thinking and pondering about further ideas that could help solve other modern-day problems that face the youth.

As an adventurer of new things, Ali spends his spare time exploring the internet for technologic achievements and intuitive ideas that could inspire him for solutions and assist him in his studies and work, skipping from article to article or video to video until he's noticed he had spent hours- eventually with no memory of what even started this spree. Aside from that, Ali also likes to learn new things, both related and unrelated to his field. This knowledge does not go one way, however, as he also spreads this knowledge to his friends and colleagues. Ali is a bachelor student in Software Engineering at Yarmouk Private University and is very passionate about his field and education.